GasFinder2-VB Vehicle Based Gas Detection

Vehicle Based Gas Detector

Boreal has provided gas detection solutions to land based vehicles for the last 18 years. The analyzer combines GPS location data to give highly accurate positioning for fugitive emission leaks. The live read-out display and alarm provide the operator with instantaneous gas concentration data.

What it does

  • Provides immediate and unambiguous detection of the target gas in the ambient atmosphere
  • Our technology counts every target molecule in the measurement path to give a ppm concentration
  • The system combines the ppm concentrations, GPS coordinates, and associated diagnostic data for intuitive data interpretation

Uses and Functions

  • PPM concentrations available to the driver in real-time
  • This system can accurately and reliably detect GHG’s even while travelling highway speeds
  • Measurements can be made while parked or driving
  • Boreal can provide analytical reports with map overlays
  • The system is autonomous so the driver can focus on driving safely
  • Can be used in all year round in all weather conditions

How it works

  • The analyzer is housed inside the vehicle
  • Fibre optic cable carries the laser light from the analyzer to the measurement cell
  • The measurement cell is mounted either on the front bumper or on the roof of the vehicle
  • The laser makes 3 passes across the measurement cell to form the active measurement path
  • The laser does not leave the measurement cell
  • The laser light is then collected and the signal is carried back to the analyzer via coaxial cable
  • The analyzer then outputs a serial data string

System Components

Data String

HHMMSS, Latitude, Longitude, KM/H, PPM, R2, # of Satellites, Status Code


  • No Interference with other gases and No False Alarms
  • Fast Response Times and No Memory Effects:much faster response than other gas detection technologies
  • Provides the best return on investment compared to any other system
  • Built for winter and summer
  • Minimal Maintenance: checks internal reference cell every minute, robust design, and requires no consumables
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Free and Unlimited phone and email support


The Vehicle Based Gas Detector (attached to the vehicle) will accurately and reliably measure very low level concentrations of methane if it is present in the atmosphere. If the there happens to be a fugitive emission leak when the vehicle is driving through the plume, then the analyzer will register the reading and if the concentration exceeds the programmable set point then the local display will sound its audible alarm so the driver can circle around and survey the leak further. That’s as complicated as it gets.

Vehicle Based Gas Detector is a portable, fibre coupled gas analyzer which combines with a vehicle mounted probe and GPS technology to create a mobile system for leak detection and location. In recent years, this system has also been used for ground based detection and mapping of emissions of fugitive sources and greenhouse gases CH4 and CO2 from area sources.

Natural gas pipeline owners require improved routine monitoring of pipelines for safety, economic and regulatory reasons. Leaking natural gas can cause explosions leading to loss of life and property. Loss of product through undetected leaks dramatically reduces a pipeline operator’s profitability. Traditional ground based leak detection with hand held or vehicle mounted FID detectors is slow and labour and maintenance intensive. IR detectors have been used for both airborne and vehicle mounted surveys, but with limited success because of cross interference from other atmospheric gases. Unlike other optical methods which

can be confused by other gases present in the air, the single line laser spectroscopy technology in the analyzer responds only to the gas you are looking for (i.e. methane).

With over 15 years of experience Boreal’s Vehicle Based Gas Detector has found many pipeline leaks that would not otherwise have been detected.

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