GasFinder3-OP: Portable Open-Path TDL Analyzer


The GasFinder3-OP is a field deployable Open-Path Tunable Diode Laser (OP-TDL) based gas analyzer system that is primarily used for:

  • Leak Detection – provides immediate and unambiguous detection of fugitive gas releases in industrial safety applications
  • Ambient Monitoring – Continuously monitors gas concentrations over open area and/or point sources for environmental monitoring applications

This technology is also most commonly referred to as Open Path Gas Detection (OPGD) or Line of Sight (LOS).

This particular technology is ideal for detecting or monitoring for a number of different Toxic, Combustible, Hazardous, or Greenhouse Gases.

Use Applications:

Remote Measurement Campaigns:

The GasFinder3-OP and other accessories can enable both remote communication and intervention with the measurement equipment.

Building a GasFinder3-OP Assembly:

The table below is your way to build and configure your very down GasFinder3-DC Assembly.

Schematic of the GasFinder3-OP

Below is the breakout of the the GasFinder3-OP.

Target Gas:

The lasers used emit light in the Near Infrared and can detect/monitor the following gases:


Retro-Reflectors for Open Path (OPX) Head Assemblies:


Below are the most popular accessories selected.

Applications Engineering Review:

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