Transportable GasCart

GasCart: Rent, Lease, or Own

This equipment configuration has been assembled to meet the needs of end-users for temporary gas detection. The GasCart is simply rolled out to the location which requires additional area coverage.

Stand Alone Monitoring Solution

Plug it in + Go!

Since the GasCart includes an integrated Horn and Strobe, it can easily be used a completely stand alone monitoring solution to provide warning to personnel that a loss of containment has been detected.

Ease of Integration

Communication Options

If the data from the GasCart is required in a centralized control system (e.g. DCS, PLC, etc.) the GasFinder’s can be communicated:

  • HART 7: This communication protocol can support an external (and separately supplied) Wireless HART Transmitter to connect to a Wireless HART Network.
  • RELAY CONTACTS: These can be used for Hi/Hi-Hi Alarms, Beam Block, or Fault Conditions.
  • MODBUS: The RS-485 Serial String can be communicated through an external (and separately supplied) over Cell or Radio Modem.

Open Path Gas Detection

Open Path (OPX) Head

The Open Path (OPX) Head Assembly is shown here which includes the Alignment Scope, Rain/Dust Hood, and X-Y Aiming Mount. With the GasCart, Rare Earth Magnets are included with the I-Beam Mounting Structure for easy mounting.

For Line-of-Sight Leak Detection Applications, the Open Path (OPX) Head is the ideal choice because of its:

  • Large Area Coverage,
  • Fast Speed of Response,
  • Low End Detection Thresholds, &
  • Fail-Safe Operation.

Fixed Point Gas Detection

Remote Point (RPX) Probe

The Remote Point (RPX) Probe is shown with the Mounting Clamps. With the GasCart, the Rare Earth Magnets are included for easy Measurement Head Mounting.

For Fixed Point Leak Detection Applications, the Remote Point (RPX) Point Probe is benefit compared to traditional technologies because:

  • No more Poisoned Sensors
  • Fast Speed of Response
  • High Temperature Use
  • No Calibration

In-Situ Monitoring

Measurement Head Options

There are four (4) different Measurement Heads available for In-Situ Based Measurements:

Gas Specifications

Path Integrated Concentrations

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