Ammonia (NH3) is a caustic, hazardous, and colourless gas that has a distinct and pungent identifying smell. Ammonia has a boiling point of -33C, is lighter than air, combustible, and is soluble in water. In addition to monitoring ammonia for personal safety there are strong environmental drivers to measure and quantify ambient ammonia concentrations. Conventional gas detection techniques lead to slow response time, short-life spans, cross interference and false alarms. Boreal’s line of products requires minimal maintenance, cannot be poisoned/fouled/inhibited, and has low cost of ownership. Boreal’s your solution for precision and accuracy for NH3 monitoring.

“Lo-Range” Ammonia (NH3):

  • Applications
    Safety Monitoring:
    • Industrial Refrigerants
    • Chemical Manufacturing
    • Fertilizer Manufacturing
    • Metal Treating
    • Rubber Industry
    • Synthetic Fibers Manufacturing
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Acid Neutralization in Petroleum Industry
    • Pulp and Paper Mill
    • Waste Water Treatment
    • Carbon Fiber Manufacturing
    • Gold Refining
    Environmental Monitoring:
    • GHG Emissions Monitoring
    • Stack Emissions Control Systems
    • Livestock Proteins
  • Applicable Analyzers