Listed below are Boreal Laser’s fully authorized distributors:

These distributors are fully trained to perform application engineering reviews, quote, sell, and support Boreal Laser’s line of GasFinder instruments.

Do not see an authorized distributor in your area? We have many more partners, integrators, and service providers worldwide that we can put you in touch with. For more information contact info@boreal-laser.com.

Is your organization looking to become an authorized distributor for Boreal Laser? Contact sales@boreal-laser.com to get in touch with a Boreal Laser representative.


Western Canada (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon, and Northwest Territories):

Spartan Controls Ltd. – Fire & Security Business Unit

Website: http://www.spartancontrols.com/applied-technology/fire-and-security/

Contact: Todd Spicer, Technical Specialist

Telephone: 1 780 440 8336

Email: spicer.todd@spartancontrols.com

Central Canada (Manitoba/Ontario):
Lakeside Process Controls Ltd. – Analytical, Fire and Gas Detection.


Contact: Joseph Fong, Technical Sales Specialist

Telephone: 1 905 412 0599

Email: joseph.fong@lakesidecontrols.com

Eastern Canada (Quebec and Maritimes):
Laurentide Controls – Measure and Analyse

Website: https://www.laurentide.com/en/categorie-produit/gas-and-emissions-analysis/

Contact: Glenn Asprey, Business Development Manager

Telephone: 514 697 9225 ext. 351

Email: gasprey@laurentide.com


United States:


Gulf and North East:

TriNova Inc – Fire & Gas

Website: https://www.trinovainc.com/products/flame-and-gas-detection.html

Locations: Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Greater New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Contact: Peyton Bickham, Fire & Gas Business Driver

Telephone: 225 615 4295

Email: peyton.bickham@trinovainc.com

Terra Applied Systems (INTEGRATOR)

Website: http://www.tasysllc.com/

Locations: League City, Texas

Contact: Susan Shroyer

Telephone: 1 888 256 1366

Email: sshroyer@tasysllc.com


Boreal Europe BV

Website: http://boreal-laser.nl

Location: Delft, Netherlands

Contact: Michael Sosef

Telephone: 31 15 7601010

Email: michael.sosef@boreal-laser.nl

South Africa:

Trigas Agencies CC

Website: http://www.trigasonline.com/

Location: Springs (Outside of Johannesburg), South Africa

Contact: Alan Lewis

Telephone: +27 10 590 4752

Email: alan@trigasonline.com


W2 Industrial Services Hub Pte Ltd.

Website: www.w2ish.com

Location:  Singapore

Contact: Ong Wee Wah, General Manager

Telephone: 65 6262 4977

Email: weewah@w2ish.com

South Asia:

Uniphos Envirotronic Pvt. Ltd.

Website: http://www.uniphos-she.com/

Locations: Throughout India

Contact: Vijay Pandey

Telephone: 91 8238643074

Email: vijay.pandey@uniphos-envirotronic.com


Australian Dynamic Technologies

Website: https://www.austdynatech.com.au/

Location: Mulgrave (Outside of Sydney), NSW, Australia

Contact: Adrian Porter

Telephone: 61 2 4577 9347

Email: adrian@austdynatech.com.au


Beijing Gainten Technology Co. Ltd.

Location: Beijing, China

Contact: James Liu

Telephone: 86 10 56850755

Email: info@gainten.com