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  • About Our Company

    Boreal Laser develops, manufactures, and sells an Enhanced Sensing Element that very accurately and reliably measures gas concentrations in variety of Industrial Hazardous Area Applications.

    Our series of GasFinder Instruments and Measurement Heads use a Laser Based Gas Detection principle called Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) to Analyze, Monitor, Measure, and Detect gaseous molecules of a specific target gas for applications.

    This particular technology is ideal for detecting or monitoring for a number of different Toxic, Combustible, Hazardous, or Greenhouse Gases. To see which gases are detectable with Laser Based – Gas Detection, click Here.

    Boreal Laser products are widely adopted in 48 countries in industrial applications primarily for its Quantitative Performance in Difficult Applications, Fail-Safe Design, and Maintenance Friendly Operation.

    Our products are promoted, quoted, sold, commissioned and supported by Regionally Focused Technical Sales Organizations that specialize often in both Analytical and Detection solutions. Our Distributors can proudly be found here.

  • Training and Development

    The successful candidate will be placed through a Technical Development Program which has been put in place for new hires to help create an understanding of Boreal Laser’s Culture, Technology, and Products through direct exposure to each of Boreal Laser’s technical segments.

    The candidate will spend time in Production learning to build, configure, and calibrate our line of GasFinder Analyzers before moving over the Technical Specialist Team where you’ll be exposed to customer facing roles in service, support, and sales.

    The goal of the Technical Development Program is to develop employees that have sufficient technical training to not only perform their duties but also allows for advancement within the organization.

  • The Interviewing Process

    At Boreal Laser, we’re looking for people who fit our culturewe truly believe our people are our greatest assets. Our interview process allows us to discover if you’re the right fit for our team, and for you to determine if we’re the right fit for you.

    We review all applications and choose those candidates whose qualifications most closely meet our requirements to proceed to the next steps in the recruitment process. If selected, you’ll be contacted via email or phone to set up an interview.

    The initial interview is conducted by a number of Team Members directly related to the posted position. This process helps us get a feel for your skill set, interests and career goals. It also helps us see if there’s a match between our needs and your strengths. Our team is committed to providing you with information on the status of your application throughout the interview process.   If you are one of the most qualified candidates for the role, you will move to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Current Opportunities

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