Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)

Liquefied natural gas owners require improved routine monitoring of facilities for safety, economic and regulatory reasons. Leaking LNG can cause explosions leading to loss of life and property. Loss of product through undetected leaks dramatically reduces a pipeline operator’s profitability.

Traditional gas detectors are slow to reach and require a labour intensive process to keep maintained. IR detectors have been used but with limited success because of cross interference from other atmospheric gases.

Boreal’s TDL technology has several benefits for LNG leak detection:

  • Provides continuous and instantaneous response times and data collection.
  • Very reliably delivers accurate readings.
  • No interference with other gases and No False Alarms: “It finds exactly what you’re looking for.”
  • Ease of data collection and interpretation.
  • Minimal Maintenance: checks internal reference cell every minute, robust design, and requires no consumables to operate.
  • Low (overall or amortized) cost of ownership (because they can last +20 years) and low operation and maintenance costs.
  • Our technology is as close to set, collect, and forget as possible.

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Applications:

  • LNG Production Facilities

    Monitoring for methane leaks in an LNG Production Facility is difficult for traditional point sensors. It will take a large about of transmitters to adequately cover the area that our one system will measure. We have a number of open-path solutions for monitoring methane leaks in and around process buildings.

  • LNG Storage Tanks

    The trouble with effectively monitoring LNG Storage Tanks is that the environmental conditions such as wind, humidity, and temperature can cause havoc with other gas detection technologies. Boreal’s products do not fall victim to these atmospheric circumstances. We offer a number of different configuration options to provide the optimal solution for storage tanks leak detection.

  • LNG Loading/ Unloading Facilities

    Process connections are susceptible to leaks but those that are used repeatedly are at an even greater risk. Our technology is tailor made for applications like this. Our analyzers provide instantaneous response times and are not susceptible to false alarms.

  • LNG Cooling

    Monitoring for leaks in the LNG Cooling Re-Circulation Lines is a vital step to ensure that the LNG storage vessels temperature are kept low enough. Boreal provides a number of open-path solutions to suit your needs for the re-circulation lines or in the chiller/cooling building.