Chemical Manufacturing

There is no one solution for gas detection for the Chemical Manufacture and Use industry. There are a wide variety of gases that need to be measured for personnel safety, environmental, and process control reasons.  Boreal has a number of gas detection solutions tailor made for the Chemical Manufacture and Use industry.

Boreal has experience working with most of the largest chemical companies in the world. With installations in over 45 different countries around the world Boreal is the clear choice in open-path, in-situ, and extractive gas detection measurements.

Boreal’s TDL technology has several benefits for Chemical Manufacture and Use:

  • Provides continuous and instantaneous response times and data collection.
  • Very reliably delivers accurate readings.
  • No interference with other gases and No False Alarms: “It finds exactly what you’re looking for.”
  • Ease of data collection and interpretation.
  • Minimal Maintenance: checks internal reference cell every minute, robust design, and requires no consumables to operate.
  • Low (overall or amortized) cost of ownership (because they can last +20 years) and low operation and maintenance costs.
  • Our technology is as close to  set, collect, and forget as possible.

Chemical Manufacturing and Use Applications:

  • Open-Path Perimeter Monitoring

    Boreal provides a number of solutions for the petrochemicals and chemicals industry. Boreal is a world leader in open-path monitoring. Our analyzers can easily monitor path lengths of 750m (2,500 ft). Our technology does not suffer from interference or false alarms. With instantaneous response and recovery times Boreal is the obvious choice for open-path gas detection.

  • Stack/Duct Monitoring

    Having the ability to monitor the contents of the stack and/or duct directly and without having to extract a samples is a great process control benefit. Our technology has instantaneous response and recovery times so every second you are collecting a fresh new sample. Since we use laser light to preform the measurement there is nothing coming into contact with the process, our technology cannot be mechanical over ranged or poisoned. Boreal has the optimal solution for stack and duct measurements in chemical manufacture and use facilities.

  • In-situ Probe

    Boreal offers a rugged in-situ probe to measurements for a variety of applications. We offer a number of analyzer options to fit and suit your measurement needs.

  • Extractive Measurement Cell

    Boreal offers a number of different configuration options for extractive measurement cells to account for different process conditions and specifications. Contact Boreal for more information on developing a tailored extractive gas cell.