End-of-Life Notification for GasFinder2 Products

End-of-Life Notification

GasFinder2 Technology Platform

Boreal Laser no longer promotes, quotes or sells products based on the GasFinder2 Technology Platform. The GasFinder2 electronics design is over 20 years old, and many key analogue electronic components are now obsolete. We have been able to source sufficient replacement parts to guarantee Full Technical Support and Service on GasFinder2 products through either the end of 2023 or 7 years after date of purchase.

Beyond this date, Boreal Laser will continue to provide Technical Support and Services on GasFinder2 products as follows:

  1. If a system is operational, we shall perform standard check-up and calibration services.
  2. If a system is non-operational, we shall carry out diagnostics and troubleshooting:
    1. If we can repair the GasFinder2 product, we shall do so at standard service rates, and return the product.
    2. If we cannot repair the GasFinder2 product due to non-availability of required parts, then replacement by an equivalent GasFinder3 product will be recommended.
    3. Boreal Laser can provide flexible payment options for GasFinder3 products purchased to replace or upgrade existing GasFinder2 products and installations.

There are two Trade-In Options available if the GasFinder2 Based Analyzer is returned to the Boreal Laser Factory: 1) Free Upgraded Alignment Kit. 2) Credit provided at time of Purchase of GasFinder3 based Analyzer.

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