Safety Monitoring

Boreal Laser’s GasFinder stationary product line can be used for the immediate and unambiguous detection of leaks/releases of combustible, toxic, or hazardous gas(es) that result in the early warning or executive action for the protection of operational personnel and assets.

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Environmental Monitoring

For Area Sources, the Boreal Laser GasFinder product line is used to measure and/or monitor gas concentration excursions above atmospheric levels (typically with open path measurements) and can be used in conjunction with meteorological instrumentation and various dispersion models to generate either a plume model, mass flux, mass flow rate, or an estimated emission rate for community monitoring, academic/research purposes, or regulatory reporting requirements. The gases that can be measured and monitored can include but are not limited to: greenhouse gases, hazardous air pollutants, and criteria pollutants.

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For Point Sources, the Boreal Laser GasFinder product line is used to monitor gas concentrations or identify relative changes in the active measurement path. This can be used for process control or regulatory reporting purposes.

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Mobile Monitoring

The use of Boreal Laser’s GasFinder product line for the monitoring of background concentrations and the detection of discrete leaks on mobile platforms. These include but are not limited to: manned aircraft (rotary & fixed wing), vehicles (on & off road), & watercraft.

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